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Tavastha Forest Hibiscus Powder

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    Tavastha Ayurveda's Forest grown Hibiscus powder is hand sorted by rural women, it has Zero added color and preservatives and is hand-sorted, and sundried. Hibiscus promotes overall hair & scalp health and controls hair greying & hair fall. Hibiscus is a natural antioxidant that reduces damage caused by free radicals on the face. The aging process is intensified due to cell damage caused by free radicals. Hibiscus is highly recommended to neutralize such harmful effects. This is because the high levels of antioxidants in these plants help slow down the aging process by neutralizing free radicals. In addition, hibiscus plants contribute to the improvement of cognitive and brain functions. In an animal study published by the Indian Journal of Pharmacology, participants were given hibiscus juice. At the end of the study, participants were shown to have effectively reduced dementia, age-related forgetfulness, reperfusion injury in ischemia, and cognitive disorders. Thus it’s highly recommended for the elderly with dementia and cognitive impairment. Please Note: This is not Roselle hence it won't give RED colour to your drinks, smoothies, or hair packs. While Rosa-Sinensis is an ancient age-old ayurvedic practice for benefit of Hair, Skin, and women's health, the later Roselle Hibiscus sabdariffa is native to Maharastra and is used by natives as a colour in food items. It's from a family of wild hibiscus.
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