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Nei Native A2 Cow Ghee - Artisanal And Hand Crafted 500 ml

BrandNei Native

In Stock SKUEONN001
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    The market is inundated with various ranges of ghee; however we bring you pure A2 Cow Ghee procured from Desi Cows at our own farm in Vikramgad, Palghar ❖ It is a family recipe that has spanned over 45 years, without the usage of machines, additives or preservatives ❖ Handcrafted and made fresh in small batches ❖ Unparalleled in terms of its sweet aroma, granular texture and nutty flavour that fills you with nostalgia for home ❖ Rich source of anti-oxidants, Vitamin A and a variety of micronutrients that help in boosting immunity ❖ Beneficial for digestion, bone health & cardiovascular health ❖ Apart from being consumed directly, it can also used in beauty products for skin & hair"
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