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Magic Peels Toilet cleaner

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    Magic Peels Toilet Cleaner is a 100% Natural & Fruit Enzyme based cleaner. It has NO chemicals added, thus eliminating the harmful effects of chemical based cleaning products. Non-pathogenic, micro- organisms present in the enzyme clean the toilet surface without disturbing the ecological balance. Just 15 Minutes of rinse and flush using Magic Peels Toilet Cleaner can remove 99% of the pathogens and harmful germs. Magic Peels Toilet Cleaner are available in 1L and 5L containers. We are eco conscious - return your used container & get discount. We encourage Refill option for volumes purchases. Magic Peels Toilet Cleaner is a natural disinfectant made from fruit peels and consumes less water. The product is skin-friendly and non-poisonous. Highly effective in keeping the drainage system free from clogging. As the ingredients go through a natural fermentation process, sedimentation may occur but it is safe to use.
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