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Magic Peels Laundry Wash

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    Magic Peels Laundry Wash are made from fruit peels & soap-nuts. They are not only natural, biodegradable but also non-toxic. Soapnut tree is widely grown in Asia. Apart from its medicinal properties, Soapnut is an excellent cleaning agent. The water that is left after cleaning is safe and can directly be fed to plants. Magic Peels Laundry Wash is effective & anti-bacterial (when clothes are soaked for about 30 min). Use it for washing clothes, vessels , fruits, veggies and even jewellery! It can also be used as a shampoo and is a remedy to remove lice off the scalp. Magic Peels Laundry Wash are available in 1L and 5L containers. We are eco conscious - return your used container & get discount. We encourage Refill option for volumes purchases.
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