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Magic Peels Floor cleaner

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    Non-pathogenic, micro- organisms present in the enzyme are responsible for cleaning. The water that is left after cleaning the floor can be recycled. All this, without affecting health of your family or the planet. Magic Peels Floor Cleaners are effective as they remove 95% of the pathogens and harmful germs. Magic Peels Floor Cleaners are available in 1L and 5L containers. We are eco conscious - return your used container & get discount. We encourage Refill option for volumes purchases. The colour of the cleaner may vary based on the fruit peels used. As the ingredients go through a natural fermentation process, sedimentation may occur. However, this is safe to use and there will not be changes in the efficacy of the product. One capful of Magic Peels Floor Cleaner in 1/2 bucket of water is sufficient for the use.
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