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About us


Why the name 'Earth & Organics' The words in the name go hand in hand according to us.

What is global warming according to all of you? With increasing population, faster depletion of forest resources and farming land, the earth is getting less green every day. On the other hand, where farming exists, excessive use of chemicals and pesticides is killing not only the food, but also the hazardous chemicals are seeping into the ground-water and poisoning it.

With organic farming, we are not only consuming healthy food, we are making our earth healthy, helping farmers who are combating the problem of global warming in some way. This is helping the consumers and also producers as they do not intake any of the toxic chemicals.

By increasing awareness in the society our wish is for more to join the organic band wagon and contribute in their way to protecting the earth. Are you with me in this journey?

Earth & Organics was started by Anjali in 2018 with the soul purpose to make sustainability an intricate part of everyone's lives.

Our Mission

Every day we are on the constant hunt for good food by good people. It’s not only about food, there are number of habits in our daily life that we can change to lead a sustainable life.

We are committed to finding these and bring them to our customers. All we are saying is consume fresh, healthy unadulterated food. Together, we can make a significant impact and stop this abuse to the earth.

Our Vision

Nature has a beautiful way of setting an expiry date on what it produces – it just goes bad. Let nature tell us exactly when not to eat something, experience it the way it is with love and respect without interfering with its natural processes. When we do interfere with it in the form of chemicals and pesticides, not so good things happen to us. Just look at this way – how many of the illnesses we have now existed some centuries back?

We want to inculcate the habit of sustainability in all. Sustainability is not only about eating organic food, it’s about leading a life that’s beneficial for all.

Using earth friendly products in your day to day activities is the need of the hour. This includes personal care, house care products too. Using these are not only good for us but also have minimum impact on the environment.